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Websites hosting, designing and development. We provide payment gateways services for institutions and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Optimal use of open source software to develop websites and electronic services

Excellence in providing the best services and solutions in the field of hosting, web design and information technology with a

Our Services

We offer all technical solutions services and various hosting packages suitable for corporate and institutional websites and even personal blogs. at Mass Designers, we are keen to provide all services related to technical solutions to enable our partners to achieve their goals and the most : prominent of these services

Design and Websites Hosting

Designing, developing and hosting websites with WordPress and high security SSL certificates

Content Management

Manage the content of websites with front-end easy-to-use editor to display in your website elegantly

Identity and Logos

Developing and design logos, identities, brands and products

Technical Services

Website development, smart phone applications, store setup and electronic payment gateways​

We also offer full packages of web hosting and domain mapping with the most famous email providers Google, Microsoft and Zoho. This includes shared calendar services, secure cloud storage, and more.

خدمات البريد الالكتروني للشركات من قوقل
استضافة وتصميم مدونات ووردبريس
خدمات البريد الالكتروني للشركات من مايكروسوفت
خدمات البريد الالكتروني للشركات من زوهو

Features and  Specifications


Our Customers

شعار جمعية الوفاء ملون
High quality services , thanks to them we will continue our work here for the presence of originality and achievement
Ahmed Alfaisal
Al-Wafa Health Association
مستشفى جوطة سدير
Saudi staff! they provides great services. Technical support was faster than expected and I highly recommend dealing with them
Abdullah Al Majali
Hotat Sudair Hospital

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معدل التقييم 4.53 عدد المشاركين 17

تقييمك هو

Web designs and hosting prices start from

5GB Space - 10 GB Bandwith

Basic blog

استضافة مدونة أساسية
Free Domain
SSL Certificate
Weekly Backup
Technical support via e-mail and WhatsApp
RankMath plugin to improve SEO
WP-Rocket plugin to improve site performance
10GB Space - 10 GB Bandwith

Advnaced Blog

استضافة مدونة متقدمة
All the benefits of a basic blog plus
Custom Licensed Website Design
Frontend Editor License Elementor Pro
Extra space and bandwith
WPML plugin to a multilingual website
A premium addon for building forms
20GB Space - 20 GB Bandwith

Corporate websites

استضافة مواقع الشركات
All the features in the advanced blog plus
Professional Website Interface Design
Responsive Website with smart phones
Training course for CMS and SEO
An advancedplugin for building forms, surveys and subscribtion to newsletters

Who we are

احمد البرغش مؤسس ماس ديزاينرز

Ahmed Albarghash

Founder of MassDesigners

Interface Design & Website Development
Expert in business, technology and e-mail services
Expert in WordPress and websites optimization for SEO
Website security and content management network services

صالح الزيد مؤسس ماس ديزاينرز

Saleh Alzaid

Founder of MassDesigners

Interface design & website development
Products development, logo & Identity design
Graphic design & dashboard development
Directing and designing publications and advertisements

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